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What people say about us

Daemonn Brody, Kerv

They really do make it personal

Connected placed me into a great role as Commercial Director focussed on M&A in 2015. I have remained in contact with them since as they are both supportive and extremely knowledgeable about their markets. They really do make it personal - and that's a rare pleasure for a candidate.

Matt King, IT Programme Lead

Extensive knowledge

Their extensive knowledge in the Telecoms market and understanding of the role meant I was well briefed and prepared for the interview process and the people I met. This has also worked well when recruiting, resulting in quality candidates, well matched to the roles offered.

Mike Barlow, Ericsson

Smooth and simple

Being placed with Ericsson by Connected Consulting was surprisingly smooth - their knowledge of the complex organisation and understanding of the industry made conversations and decisions simple.

Heather Rolls, Contractor

Friendly, professional and helpful

It has been a pleasure doing business with Connected Consulting. Throughout our engagement in finding a role that is a great fit and setting up a new business for contracting, they have been friendly, professional and helpful. Their contracting system is simple and easy to use and there is always someone ready to answer any questions I may have.

Marcus Dorling, Client Director, Boldyn Networks

Open and honest

Working with Connected Consulting was a real pleasure. ~They had a great understanding of the employer's requirements, particularly around cultural fit. Their open and honest approach has lead to a great fit for both parties.

Kevin Brady, Openreach

A trusted partner

Connected have successfully supported me with recruitment since 2009 across technology, operations and transformation, which has been key for our growth and transformation over that time.  Their excellent networks and sector expertise allied to their personal approach ensures that they are a trusted partner.

Jim Smith, Contractor

A personal, supportive, and communicative approach

Having collaborated with Connected Consulting, I can attest to their commitment to a personal, supportive, and communicative approach.  Throughout my time as a contractor, I appreciated their ongoing assistance during onboarding and beyond.    This agency truly delivers a well-rounded experience and I look forward to collaborating with them in the future.  

David Olverson, Contractor

A superb experience

I've had a superb experience working with Connected Consulting. They have a wealth of knowledge and connections within the tech industry and provided a personal service along with excellent communication