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Complaints Policy

The management of all complaints is in partnership with our customers.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objective of the Complaints policy is to ensure that all customer issues and/or
complaints are dealt with as promptly, efficiently and effectively as possible.

We ensure that our customers have one point of contact when dealing with their complaint
from start to completion, thereby ensuring a swift and trouble-free resolution.

The Senior Management Team (SMT) deal with all customer complaints.

  1. All complaints will be taken seriously and the resolution of these will be prompt.
  2. All complaints will have an acknowledgement sent out to the customer within two working days.
  3. We will endeavor to resolve all complaints and close off within 28 working days maximum.
  4. The customer will be notified every week after the complaint has been open.
  5. In the event where the complaint needs to remain open for longer than 28 days to ensure a satisfactory conclusion, the customer will be given a guideline as to when the complaint will be closed.
  6. The CRM database and nonconformance log will be used to log all issues/complaints received to ensure a robust audit trail is maintained.
  7. All issues will be dealt with by the SMT immediately to prevent them becoming a complaint.
  8. Upon conclusion of a complaint a resolution communication will be sent out to complete the process. If a letter is not required, the customer will receive verbal confirmation that the complaint has been closed.
  9. If a complaint is rejected, a Complaint Closure letter will be sent to the customer
  10. If the customer is dissatisfied with the resolution, they have a right of appeal to the Directors.

Any complaints should be sent to