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👉  CV – Take a critical look at your CV, what improvements can be made?  Try to avoid a CV that reads like a job description.  Make it more solution focused – what have you delivered / achieved?  Add stats where possible e.g. % improvements, £’s saved etc.

👉 NETWORK – I cannot emphasise enough the benefits of a highly engaged network.  Ensure this is a key part of your job search strategy – whether it’s reconnecting with known people, or building out new connections, if you’re committed to building a network you will realise the benefits.  Remember your friends and ex colleagues are your allies!

👉 LINKEDIN – Review / build out your profile to showcase more than just your work history.  Embed yourself in the LinkedIn eco-system – write posts, comment, and actively engage.  It’s a fantastic platform to build awareness of you!

👉 RESEARCH – Forensically analyse every opportunity you identify – try to find out who the client is, known connections in that business, mirror and match the terminology they use and embed this in to your CV.  Use all information sources e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, company website etc.

👉 TARGET AND TRACK YOUR APPLICATIONS – Don’t aimlessly apply for any role, target the right roles that are aligned to your expertise, your success rate will begin to improve.   Be organised, track and monitor all applications.  Date stamp the time of application and have a follow up-process in place.

👉 USE A BLENDED APPROACH – I actively encourage all applicants to use every available channel to find a job.  Don’t limit yourself in any way.  Use LinkedIn, Job-boards, agencies, company websites, your professional network etc.

👉  LEARN TO SEARCH – Understand Boolean searching, use the filter options on LinkedIn and the job-boards, changing your searches will deliver different result and may just uncover that job you never knew existed

👉 GOOD TIMING – In the current employment market, 100’s of candidates will apply to a single role.  You can very easily be lost in the application process.  I advise that you continuously review newly posted adverts, and try to make sure you’re in the first tranche of applications.

👉 BE THE PERFECT APPLICANT – Friendly, quick to respond to information requests, enthusiastic.  Recruiters are often held to strict SLA’s – speed and engagement is key at every stage of the process.

👉 DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP AND BE KIND YOURSELF – Searching for a new role can be stressful.  I have found that people are more than happy to help when asked – offering some great advice and words of comfort.   It’s a strength and not a weakness to seek support.